Pending Adding in General Serpentine in FF2

Discussion in 'Other Suggestions' started by KingGodzilla™, Jan 23, 2018.



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  1. KingGodzilla™

    KingGodzilla™ New Member

    Hey! I was just wondering if General Serpentine can be added into the ff2 server. I’m not quite sure if he’s in a pack already but yeah.

    Also, one important thing, try to nerf his dash ability if you add him in, he can just dash into the air heaps of times if not nerfed. Maybe like dash every 5 or 10secs would be good. Or whatever you guys come up with.

    Thanks! Lemme know what you think of this.

    The link the to boss
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  2. KingGodzilla™

    KingGodzilla™ New Member

    btw I’m not 100 percent sure how this forum works so if I did anything wrong here let me know
  3. PrOto

    PrOto Member

    Also, protip: Always send a link to where your/their FF2 freak content is at, or else Panns cannot find it and will not add it.
  4. KingGodzilla™

    KingGodzilla™ New Member

    Oh alright yeah, thanks!
  5. Koro-Sensei

    Koro-Sensei (Probably) Human Server Admin

    Seems good.
  6. KingGodzilla™

    KingGodzilla™ New Member

    no response from the owner yet? I mean that’s ok tho lol