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  1. ♥Flow♥

    ♥Flow♥ New Member

    Hello, my name is ♥Flow♥. I want to apply for a moderator position.

    General Information
    1. Do you fulfill all the requirements listed?
    - Yes, I do.
    2. How old are you?
    - I'm 15. (Sorry for abusing my birthdate while registering :( )
    3. What is your steam profile link?
    4. Which position do you wish to apply for?
    - Moderator.
    5. Which servers do you frequent?
    - Dodgeball League, MA, and Slender.
    6. Do you consider yourself to be close to any of the other council members? If yes, who?
    - Hmm, i guess Rifki, my country is the same as him.
    7. List any other Steam accounts that you have access to currently.
    - No one
    8. Do you change names on steam often? Why or why not?
    - Often, but always Flow because it was my YouTube channel name.
    9. Are you aware of all rules and regulations?
    - Of course.
    10. Do you know what is expected from you?
    - I'm expected to be a great person and always enforce the rules on any servers

    Geographic Information
    1. Where are you born in?
    - I was born in Indonesia, West Java, Bandung.
    2. Where are you currently living at?
    - Still in Indonesia
    3. Which server region do you have less than 70 ping in?
    - Asia or Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.

    1. Do you have a working microphone?
    - No, i don't. I have one but it's broken.
    2. List the languages you can speak and write fluently in.
    - English, Indonesian, Sundanese, and Javanese.
    3. Rate your English from 1 to 10
    - I guess 8,25 :v

    1. Do you have any previous experience as an administrator or moderator in?
    - No.
    2. Do you have previous experience administrating using SourceMod?
    - No.
    3. Are you familiar with administrator commands?
    - Yeah, kind of...
    4. Do you have experience with coding in SourceMod/SourcePawn?
    - No.
    5. How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID?
    - sm_ban "[U:1:254193785]" 60 "Abuse"
    6. How have you supported the community so far?
    - I always report to the community group whoever spamming, command abuse, micspamming, loud mic kids, etc.

    When can you play on weekdays?
    - Monday - Friday (after exam) 12.00 - 22.15
    Monday - Friday (school) 15:00/17:00 - 20:00
    Monday - Friday (exam) Never.
    2. When can you play on weekends?
    - All time, except 23:00 above.
    3. Why would you like to be part of the council and why should you be one?
    - To make Titan.TF wouldn't be a dead server and no more abusing in this community.
    4. How can you contribute to improve TitanTF?
    - Never abusing or bullying any players.
    5. Describe how you will carry out your duties
    - Whoever broke the rules will get 2 or 3 warnings. If the player broke the rules 2 or 3 times will get muted or gag or kick. If the players keep doing it, i going to tell Myst or other administrators to judge.
    6. Will you be active (and administrate) on the forums and why?
    - Sometimes, i have busy live .-.

    1. Would you be the first to respond to a player report (non-forum)? In other words, known as an "admin call"?
    - Yes if i'm online
    2. Describe a time when you lost control of your emotions and how you were able to cope with the situation
    - Get some drink, listen to a music, stay calm, and yeh, pray is what i always need.
    3. List a few strengths and weaknesses based on your personality.
    - I'm often to say jokes and i'm always be a good person to everyone. My weakness, my parents always wanted me to stop playing and that makes me mad sometimes, and if i getting bullied in-game...
    4. How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
    - Tell the person why or just remove/ignore it.
    5. A group of players are offended by remarks that another player made, but you yourself do not find them to be offensive. How would you respond?
    - I'll explain the player that offended what's wrong and what's right. If i was correct, the player have to forgive to the player, if i was wrong i will forgive to the player that offended.
    6. Define micspam.
    - Micspam refers to the act of continuously making noises, playing music or talking into a microphone via voice chat system in a multiplayer online game. Because it can pose distraction to others players, this practice is generally viewed as obnoxious or spamming by other players and often performed solely for the entertainment of the spammer.
    7. How would you deal with players who micspam?
    - Tell them to be quiet, if the player keep doing it for 3 times will get muted at how loud it is or how long it is.
    8. Another council member is abusing their powers. What will you do?
    - Tell to the council member to stop, if the player keep doing it i going to tell myst or other admins to do something.
    9. A regular user threatens to ban another player if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
    - I going to tell the other player that the threatening player can't ban the player and the rule that the player made doesn't exist, i will kick the player if the player keep doing it.
    10. How do you deal with a player who comments publicly about you negatively, the server sucks, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
    - The player will get instant muted, if the player keep spamming on the chat will get instant gagged.
    11. A player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
    - If he sharing it to other people or at irc i will strike the player and then i going to tell the player why and how, if he lied with admin commands will get kicked
    12. How do you define administrator/moderator abuse?
    - That means the admin/mod ban/kick the player for no reason, and also mute/gag the person that didn't do anything.
    13. Define troll.
    - Gamer troll, who deliberately provocative to other gamers with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument who gains entertainment to toy others emotions without the victim's knowledge. The Gamer Troll want their victims of not noticing they're having fun to make you rage or cry in the process of doing it in the first place. They love the feeling to dominate the other players' emotions to feel like a champ. Most of these trolls are very unskilled at most or current game he/she is playing at the time. Another reason a Gamer Troll will do this to other players' is when they cannot win the game or did try their best and they will not have any game sportsmanship of regardless the game match is for fun or competitive gameplay
    14. How will you take responsibility if you are found guilty of abusing your powers?
    - I will take all of the responsibility if i'm guilty of abusing my powers.
    15. How confident are you in getting this application accepted?
    - I feel kinda happy anyway, but i will always remember to never abuse anything with this application.
    16. How would you feel if this application was rejected?
    - Hmm, i kinda have reaction or no reaction, but yeah hopefully i would get accepted... ;-;
    17. How will you react if you lost your position over a reason that cannot be told to you?
    - I will get confused and keep asking why for a few moments 'till i stop
    18. Would you be proud to wear "" in your name? Why or why not?
    - Absolutely! Because i'm the fan of this community and everyone is kinda a great person, also i can get double EXP if i wear it.
    19. You are being suspected of abusing your powers but you did not. What do you do?
    - I'll explain to the council.

    Will you be contributing to creating ideas for future events?
    - Maybe, i have no idea what i wanted but i will do it if other council doing something.
    2. List the programming languages you have experience in.
    - Malaysian/Melayu. I will try as hard as i can maybe

    Thank you! Hopefully i could be the moderator, i will do the best as i can!
  2. ♥Flow♥

    ♥Flow♥ New Member

    Oh jeez i'm so scared~
  3. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

  4. Cecil™

    Cecil™ Irresponsible Idiot

    If you're talking about the old application, we can't trust you anymore.
    "Be close" means you know or have aquaitance to the council members, not because you're in the same region means you're his "friend".
    That's the most obsurd things you have added in this application. Instead, you could have just said contributing and/or helping out/keeping the server clean, yet you go for the bold move.
    Same for above.
    "Describe a time WHEN you lost control of your emotions" NOT how to solve your casual problems.
    Copy and pasting the quote instead of defining one yourself, you got nerves to pull this out.
    Same for above.
    Programming languages LITERALLY means coding languages, not what language can you pronounce.

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  5. Årçüęś

    Årçüęś Server Mod Server Moderator

    You based on my application and you copied my SteamID
    Through your application I have a feeling that your English isn't 8,25
    And a lot of questions that you didn't answer it YOURSELF.
    So the score for this application is...
  6. PrOto

    PrOto Member

    Dat plagiarism. Never seen you in game.
    8.5 English? More like 5.8...
    I vote No. (I'm ex-mod, I can give ratings so please don't freak out, new staff.)
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  7. ☭ Jun ☭

    ☭ Jun ☭ Protoss Dark Templar Prelate Staff Member Server Admin

    Please refrain from posting comments/opinions about it here if you are not currently a staff. However, feel free to PM us (the staff) your opinion if you are REALLY concerned or witnessed things that we need to know about prior to rating the application. Just don't do it here.

    And now for rating the application, actually.......

    First of all, it's good that you took the time and effort to sign up. Although this application is probably the least of what would be required for a good moderator/administrator, it has some pretty challenging questions that actually require thought. So applauses for that.

    Secondly, don't let the reports written by people that are not in our staff team discourage you. They do not count to the final vote, nor will it influence our decisions to a significant degree.

    Okay, let's break it down....

    1: You said you're "expected to be a great person". What does this mean? Can you explain? What kind of great person do you want to become by becoming an administrator? Remember administrators are not that "great", they just have more responsibility. Attitude is the most important factor.

    2: Just curious, do you actually chat with Rifki? Are you close with him, or are you just thinking that he's close to you just because he's in the same country as you?

    3: Do you think your English should be given an 8.25? I recommend you rate yourself at "the highest, 7.75", since you don't seem to be THAT fluent with English. Personal opinion, and your choice. Only be aware that being admin requires staff to have fluent communication abilities in English.

    4: You listed yourself as having some knowledge about admin commands. I appreciate you for that knowledge you obtain. But, how do you know those commands while having no moderating/admin experience? Did you learn them by watching other admins use it? If you get accepted and actually become a part of our staff team, then you'd have a chance to learn them. Don't worry. But at least have some knowledge about the basics. I myself only know the basics and not those advanced ones.

    5: One thing to keep in mind: if you become part of our staff team, moments will come when you have to eventually make decisions about certain punishments/cases yourself. Try to rely less on reporting to other staff members; show us what you've got!

    6: Titan is a flourishing server, and administrators work to maintain the stability of it. As you said, it's important to stop the abuse (by the players), but it's also important to keep the fun going. Keep this in mind as well.

    7: If you have a busy life, sometimes it may conflict with your administration career. Well, there are obviously cases where you have to idle or it's just impossible for you to go online, you can always help out. This will be explained later.

    8: Prepare to take great responsibility as an administrator. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. ---Muselk 2k16

    9: You must give warnings to players before giving them a punishment! You need to let players know WHY they can't do this or that so they won't do it again. Don't become too cruel nor too lenient to the players.

    10: I like your confidence with the abuse part. Judging from your responses I think you will take this job seriously and with no abuse. You earn my trust there.

    11: Based on your responses, you seem like you can manage yourself well. Advice is try not to let yourself get into sticky situations.

    12: I'd suggest an improvement on the response where you say "If I wear the tag I can get double XP." But I like the part where you said you're a fan of this server. It shows your support.

    13: The languages you listed above as "program" languages are not program languages...... program languages mean languages like Python, Terminal, whatever. I'm not good at coding myself anyways. Just answer "no" and we'll infer from that.

    One tip is, don't let the past affect you largely. Of course it's important to learn from the past. I can see from you apologising about the age fake that you're ready to not do it again. The main thing is improving from the past. If you're ready for that, then (the staff team) and I are ready to accept you. Good luck. Be an admin who will shine throughout history, mate.

    My score is a +1.
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  8. Tapeless Leeroy

    Tapeless Leeroy [confuse cat noise] Server Admin

    [Review Deleted]

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  9. ♥Flow♥

    ♥Flow♥ New Member

    I know what everyone thinking, i have made a big mistake.
  10. x3Karma

    x3Karma has no life Server Admin

    I didn't paid much attention to the answers when this was posted on 12:00 AM since I had to sleep. Cecil said most of the things I wanted to say, too. Here's my opinion about your application.

    Judging by what Cecil said, it seems that you have applied for staff before with a false age. This makes me doubt that your actual age is somehow 15, the minimum age requirement for an application.

    From your response, you can say that even if you were a player, you would still be helping to improve TitanTF as you're not "abusing or bullying" any players. To actually help contribute to the server by being a part of the council would be helping to take care of reports, deal with troublemakers, etc. In fact, even donating to the server can contribute to the development of the server.


    From the answers of your application, you seem to fully understand the effects of abusing your staff powers. Judging by the answers of "define micspam" and "define troll", I hope that you didn't just copy and pasted them without reading them and fully understanding the meaning of them. If you understood them, I hope that you can use that knowledge to carry out your duties successfully.

    The servers you frequent such as Machine Attacks and Dodgeball have a lack of staff members on duty. As such, if you were accepted into the council, I sincerely wish that you would use the powers you gained to patrol and guard them from troublemakers.

    Although you are lacking in many ways, I believe that in due time, you can improve yourself and in the end be a successful moderator.



    (I wonder when people will stop thinking programming languages are not languages that we use to communicate with each other.)
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  11. ♥Flow♥

    ♥Flow♥ New Member

    Thank you x3Karma <3
  12. Friendgineer

    Friendgineer New Member

    Hey, my name is Friendgineer. Flow was my friend in TF2 while the first time i play at When at Machine Attacks, he's telling everyone in the server walkthrough. He's talking kinda make sense, he's a really nice guy. He is sometimes having fun with playing music in his mic, and it's not a micspam (Btw, it's glitched after new update). I never seen him doing bad things, but yeah...

    When at dodgeball, he's teaching me how to reflect rocket correctly. He's also give me points from 1 - 10, i have no idea what to say now anyway... Hopefully he will be a best Moderator in! Good luck Flow! :)
    I vote YES
    I have no idea how to type this to be big doe :v
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  13. ☭ Jun ☭

    ☭ Jun ☭ Protoss Dark Templar Prelate Staff Member Server Admin

    My damn mistake, lads. You are allowed to comment on staff applications as long as you're concerned. It won't really count, though.

    Pann will decide and make the final decision. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  14. Cecil™

    Cecil™ Irresponsible Idiot

    If you actually care about the server, we wouldn't pick bad people in, like Flow, the application is by far the worst of the Archive, and lack of creativity, it's hard for me to accept him, and I don't want to because I can't even see what's his strength, all are just weaknesses. And back to my view:
    e1feea2df73447797ac9ebf37b09848a--randy-jackson-sassy-quotes.jpg e1feea2df73447797ac9ebf37b09848a--randy-jackson-sassy-quotes.jpg

    Also I can't fucking post image normally.
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  15. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    Who are you to call a bad person? You're behaving like your opinion on him will have some huge impact on the final result of it when you're not even in the council yourself and you're even posting memes as replies. That's the definition of being immature, my dear. I can't imagine we had you as a moderator, because if I really cared about the servers I wouldn't have hired you in the first place. Right?

    Try to remember why you're no longer in the council. Keep this kind of fuckery out of council applications as they do not provide with anything other than unnecessary drama.


    As for your application, Flow, there are parts of it that are just completely incorrect. However, that's why the moderator position exists, it's the trial period before you become an administrator. During that time you're supposed to learn (even from your mistakes) and adapt as a council member, to understand what your duty and responsibility is.

    I believe that if you really try to understand why people commented as they did on some of your answers to the questions given in the application template, you'd make a somewhat decent administrator one day. The key word here is if, because if you're not willing to nor have the time to, you really have no place in the council.

    As stated in my previus post, I do want to see some activity in the community from you, besides from playing on the server. If you manage to change your ways of thinking and you stay active enough on Discord and the servers, I'll accept your application and make you a moderator.
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  16. ☭ Jun ☭

    ☭ Jun ☭ Protoss Dark Templar Prelate Staff Member Server Admin

    Join us, stand with us, chat with us on discord. Here's the link:

    Have fun. Good luck if you get accepted. Perhaps I'll let you in my band of Dark Templar as well. :)
  17. ♥Flow♥

    ♥Flow♥ New Member

    I have joined the Discord
  18. Corades

    Corades New Member

    That's some 10/10 copy paste over there

    Real good
  19. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    Declined because the applicant failed to be active enough.
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