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  1. DeathPyroMain[YT]

    DeathPyroMain[YT] New Member

    Section A
    Do you fulfill all the requirements listed?:Yes

    How old are you?:13(soon 14) profile

    Which position do you wish to apply for?:x10,x100,any other server that is open for admin

    Which servers do you frequent? Death Run,VSH,x10,Stop the tank

    Do you consider yourself to be close to any of the other council members? If yes, who?:No

    List any other Steam accounts that you have access to currently.No other account i have access to

    Do you change names on steam often? Why or why not?:yes. because i don't want people to know that who i am

    Are you aware of all rules and regulations?:clearly yes

    Do you know what is expected from you?:Yes
    Section B
    Where are you born in? Singapore
    Where are you currently living at? Singapore

    Which server region do you have less than 70 ping in?:Only Singapore
    Section C
    I have a mic its working but it picks up background noice
    Rate 6
    Section D
    I have experience as an administrator My own server
    Yes i have i used them
    Just type in console "sm_ban" SteamID
    By donate and join steam group
    Section E
    Any weekdays
    Any Weekends
    I want to be a council because the sever was my favorite for so long
    I can contribute by helping Titan.TF to be a popular server that other country will play in
    I will carry out my duties by keep an eye on any one who broke the rules or being racist to people
    I will decide if the other admin agree with me
    I will be active reason when other admin is not active we will not know
    player put mean comment on me or trade scam
    my strengths is when i use my mic on the kid who don't understand my weakness is when i got ban from an other administrator for no reason
    I will mute or drag them
    I will respond when its out of hand
    i will mute them
    make a report
    I will kick him or give a warning
    I will give a warning or i will kick em
    I will ask him to not do it if he do it i will remove god mode from that player he gave and kick or ban him
    Stop them from doing it
    I will not do that
    I don't care about a anything they don't tell me about
    I will be proud because it give extra credits
    I will tell him that i did not abuse because i was afk
    Yes like now Jailbreak
    This is no a copy because i want to save it in notepad
  2. x3Karma

    x3Karma has no life Server Admin

    First of all, you said that you have all the requirements needed for this application. However, you said that you are 13 of age. If you had read the requirements thoroughly, you would've known that the minimum age of application is 15.

    Secondly, your application is a mess. It is hard to read and very difficult to understand. I can see that in the later sections, you were lazy to copy the questions and instead answering it directly.

    Thirdly, I doubt that your English is a 6/10 judging by the lack of punctuation and formality in your application. (If you are indeed from Singapore, you should know best that Singapore takes English language tests very seriously.)

    Lastly, I can see that some questions were either ignored. Most of your answers are answered by a single word and no other context.

  3. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    First of all the age requirement is 15 years old. Although this was changed recently, I do expect applicants to be capable of reading instructions. You either can't comprehend English or you chose to ignore it which would lead to problems in the future with your superiors if you were to be accepted.

    Your application looks like something a 5 year old did while being on the potty. You have put nearly to no effort into it and you barely even answered the questions. It's very hard for us to separate the questions from the answers. This makes me come to the conclusion that you're just yet another power hungry kid that would end up being demoted for abuse shortly after getting accepted.

    "I want to become admin because the server has been on my favorite list for so long" is not an acceptable answer. An admin has a lot of responsibility and for you to not be bored out or abusing, you must have a decent reason to why you want to become an admin. Take a look at other people's applications if you want some examples.

    Something tells me you do infact not understand the questions in the application template. For example you answer that "I would remove God mode and kick them", which makes no sense because a player can't give anyone God mode in the first place, leaving you with nothing to remove from them.

    Overall you have no idea how to be an admin or how to format applications or comprehend English. You can't answer simple questions and seem to be very immature. Having you in the council would be a heavy burden (no offense).

  4. Årçüęś

    Årçüęś Server Mod Server Moderator

    First, you didn't fulfilled the requirements that are listed, you must be at least 15 years old before make an application here.

    Second, you didn't answer all of the questions.

    Third, if you have a mic that catches background noises then it'll be false, also that mean you lacked the rules.

    Fourth, programming languages isn't real languages.

    Lastly, this application is a real mess and hard to read.

    So I'll give you a...
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