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  2. Due to my limited brain capacity, I am unable to comprehend and understand the steps below.

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    What is YouTube?
    YouTube is an online site where videos can be shared throughout the Internet. It can allow people from around the world to communicate with one other through videos. Videos can range from tutorials to gamings, as well as skits and various other fun stuffs.

    How do I watch it?
    That will be the goal of this guide. Follow these steps in order to watch YouTube successfully.

    1) Open your preferred Internet browser of your choice. In this tutorial, I will be using Google Chrome.

    2) In the search tab, type "youtube". (without quotes)

    3) Click the first link that you'll see once the page is loaded.

    4) This will conclude the final step. Click on any video to begin watching them.

    I hope that this tutorial will help you learn to watch YouTube.

    (This tutorial is not affiliated with YouTube.)

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