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  1. ☭ Jun ☭

    ☭ Jun ☭ Protoss Dark Templar Prelate Staff Member Server Admin

    Good day, exalted members of the council, and esteemed guests,

    I am honored to have been given a chance for redemption.

    Let me start off with a personal note here. You are probably surprised to see me here. In addition, most of you, or presumably, all of you, might know that I was an admin at this very server at one point.

    As the first admin of history to have received a demotion, I've experienced multiple emotions. The primary feeling is repent for the past, and regret for what I have done. I felt guilty after getting demoted since moderating for Titan taught me a lot of things. Of course, afterwards, I tried not to let the same thing happen to other people, since I didn't want them to endure the pain of being stripped off of responsibility, and losing the trust from several people around them.

    A new era has dawned, along with the reformation of multiple Titan systems that enhances the server. Thus, I had a goal: to recover the very admin status that I have lost in the distant past, and this time learning from the past and transform into an admin who receives accolades from the public.

    Thank you to all of my staff friends who have been alongside me up to this day. Shoutouts to Rifki, for being alongside me in every journey; Brad, who put trust in me during every moment, Gunnest, for being a good weaboo friend; Xyro, for being good support, Leeroy, for being a good friend (in Clash Royale), Myst, for creating Titan and being a good boss, and mostly Pann for giving me courage within myself / being a good mentor.

    (There are lots I didn't mention, including the old admins I familiarized with. Sorry to all of those people.)

    That's it for me, and all that is left for you, probably, is to check out what's below.
    Thank you sincerely.

    -Jun (0), the Dark Templar.-

    Section A: General Information

    • Do you fulfill all the requirements listed?
    • How old are you?
      I am 15, going on 16. I count by year, not birthday. Weird. But I am 15.
    • What is your steam profile link?
      My profile link is in the comments. I can't post it with this application, apparently. Weird. Check it out if you want. There's nothing much.
    • Which position do you wish to apply for?
      I am currently a store moderator, but I am applying for moderator initially. I'm hoping to proceed into the admin rank when I gain more reputation.
    • Which servers do you frequent?
      I frequent almost all servers of Titan, but I main Orange, MvM, and Sandbox. Since the Jungle Inferno came out, I play a little bit of casual with the objective of obtaining the new items. Besides visiting old steam friends, I only play Titan servers during my TF2 playtime.
    • Do you consider yourself to be close to any of the other council members? If yes, who?
      I listed all of them above. They are my friends. I'm also close with other council members that I didn't mention. Again, sorry if your name wasn't there.
    • List any other Steam accounts that you have access to currently.
      Link in comments. This is my old alt that only has a few friends.
    • Do you change names on steam often? Why or why not?
      My names will always be Jun (Jun0 as people recognize me), or something retarded related to favorite game........I don't change names on Steam often, other than to troll my friends.
    • Are you aware of all rules and regulations?
      Of course. I have read the rules and requirements, and is aware of my responsibilities.
    • Do you know what is expected from you?
    • I knew of my responsibilities from my first career. I chose to not follow them the first time. I won't let it happen a second time, though.

    Section B: Geographic Information
    • Where are you born in? (country)
      Most people think I am Chinese, Russian, or North Korean. I'm actually a Korean male born in South Korea.
    • Where are you currently living at? (country)
      The IP says it. China. Beijing. I might move in half a year, so I am not sure.
    • Which server region do you have less than 70 ping in?
      • US - East/US- West/South America/Europe/Asia/Australia/Middle East/Africa/Whole World
    • Oh well, Chinese wifi. I'll answer none of the above. However, the servers I don't get a lag in (considering that wifi isn't especially trash) would be All of the Above, since I have access to VPN.

    Section C: Speech
    • Do you have a working microphone?
      • It is not obligatory to have one. You must respond "no" if your microphone picks up background noise or is faulty.
      I don't have a mic. I use chat to convey my messages throughout the server. Under most circumstances, it should work.

    • List the languages you can speak and write fluently in.
    • I'm multilingual. I am fluent in Korean, English, and Chinese. I hope to learn Japanese (not for anime purposes), Russian, and French.
    • Rate your English from 1 to 10.
    • 9.99. The reason why is because I rarely make mistakes while speaking, reading, writing, or listening to English dialects. However, under informal situations.........I don't really care. That's why I may type with choppy sentences or abbreviations.
    Section D: Experience
    • Do you have any previous experience as an administrator or moderator in?
      • You should list the organization names where applicable.
    • Says it above. Titan. Other than that, I don't have experience.
    • Do you have previous experience administrating using SourceMod?
      The days I moderated for Titan required less knowledge about SourceMod commands. I applied only to assist Myst with managing the server. By the way, I'm planning to use the least amount of commands as possible, since that lead me to abuse in the past. I believe I can manage the server with only the basics, since I have been both a player and an administrator.
    • Are you familiar with administrator commands?
      With basic commands, yes. I remember some of them from my early admin days. The commands that moderators use nowadays, though, are different from the ones we used in the past. They are more complex. I'll have to learn those in case I had to use them in the future. I'm reiterate that I am confident with the basic commands, such as gag, kick, mute, ban, and beacon.
    • Do you have experience with coding in SourceMod/SourcePawn?
      Kind of. I remember going into a frenzy with those commands in the past, searching up commands on the internet and visiting the AlliedModders Forums. However, that's all I have. I hope to learn more in the future as I progress.
    • How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID?
      You need to type this in console --> sm_ban "[U:1: Insert SteamRep64 Here]" Insert Duration here "Insert Reason Here". This applies to anyone, not just you.
    • How have you supported the community so far?
    • Advising admins to not be like my past, being active, and maintaining order when admins aren't present. I haven't donated, but expect to do so when I get rich.......(which probably isn't likely to happen)

    Section E: Duties
    • When can you play on weekdays and weekends? (I merged the 2 questions into 1.)
      • Include estimated time from and to, timezone you are using, only in 12 hour format.
      Very fluctuating. Nowadays, I've been caught up with exams, so I am not really sure. I get back home every 7 O' Clock, and start playing at 8:30 to 9, local Chinese time (GMT +8). On weekends, I can't play much due to studies, but will be able to maintain 3 hours. On weekdays, I can play from when I start (listed above) to about 12:00. As I mentioned, it is very random and sporadic.
    • Why would you like to be part of the council and why should you be one?
      A second chance isn't the only reason I want to reapply. I want to help out in maintaining order within the server. It pains me to see some people disrupting the calamity of servers when there are no admins available. Thus, I want to contribute more to Titan by applying.
    • The reason why I should be a staff is because I know the penalties and rules thoroughly. The people who experienced it knows about it most.
    • How can you contribute to improve Titan?
      Firstly, I can contribute my moderating abilities to Titan. I'm confident in keeping the server "under the domain of rules", which means I will be merciless to people who exploit. So far, I reported exploits to admins and informed them. If I have the power to do it myself, I gladly take that responsibility. The only drawback would be that I can't code.....yet. If I have to I would learn how to use SourceMod through the internet.
    • Describe how you will carry out your duties.
      I will go to a server, and observe. If there are any rule breakers, I will decide on punishments. See below for further info.
    • This can include how you decide on a punishment, etc.
      I use the modified version of the 3-Chances Rule, which is the 4-Chances Rule. I feel like 3 times is sometimes too harsh for certain people (they shouldn't do it in the first place though) so I add another phase in the process. The first warning would be more of a recommendation, telling them to stop their wrongdoings. The second warning would be to tell them to stop in a more forceful manner. The third warning would be only given to players who do not improve their demeanor. In this case, I would tell them the chances of what might happen if they proceed to exploit, and also inform them of the damage. If they ignore the last chance given to them, which is unlikely, I give them the appropriate punishments. If they decide to stop during any point, I would gladly forgive them.
    • So, what if a player who received a punishment kept doing what they weren't supposed to do? I, like any human being, tend to be less compassionate and forgiving towards repeated offenses. The chances are that I would reduce the amount of warnings given to them before the punishment 1 by 1. However, people aren't as badass as that. They listen, at least on the final warning. This is the main reason why I disagree with the 3 chances rule.
    • I don't usually give bans unless it's a serious offense. The ban duration will initiate from 30 minutes to adding 30 minutes for every repeated offense until 150 minutes. In this case, I may start a vote on discord / the forum to talk about his/her fate, which might include a perma ban.
    • Another exception is sprays. I warn the offender only once if they spray an inappropriate spray, and if they do not comply I ban their spray immediately.
    • Will you be active (and administrate) on the forums and why?
    • Forums? Of course. I will post things such as announcements and ideas occasionally (I'm mostly open on Discord, though). I am originally a store moderator, so I won't leave that responsibility to rot. I'll check the store mainly for any bugs, and administrate it to the best of my ability.

    Section F: Personality
    • Would you be the first to respond to a player report (non-forum)? In other words, known as an "admin call"?
      Without a doubt. I'd be attending my duties no matter what, UNLESS what I was doing at that point is crucially important.
    • Describe a time when you lost control of your emotions and how you were able to cope with the situation (it does not have to be from games)
      Honestly, the last time I seriously lost control of my emotions is 2 years ago. I try not to get into sticky situations nowadays, both in game and in real life. Internet citizenship is important......In addition, what they teach you in theory, actually works: Stop, breathe, calm yourself down, and think.
    • List a few strengths and weaknesses based on your personality.
      My personality is unique. I can NEVER stay sincerely mad at one person for more than 2 hours. So, I am pretty tolerant. And, I'm extremely chill, and is friendly. I try not to get salty, so I'm not usually salty either. I'm not affected by bad remarks directed at me, so I will usually shoot back or ignore them. The downside would be that I sometimes can't make decisions in the midst of crossroads.
    • How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
      Usually, I just go with it. IT IS TRUE that racist comments are bad. HOWEVER, the point is to not let any people feel offended. Therefore, if it's just with me and a friend, it is tolerable. However, if one starts to feel offended, then I tell them to stop. Another case would be if the offenders are spamming racist comments in front of a large group of people. In this case, I tell them to stop immediately.
    • A group of players are offended by remarks that another player made, but you yourself do not find them to be offensive. How would you respond?
      Says it above. I don't really care if anyone offends me or not. All that matters are people who DO feel subjective to offensive remarks. This will result in me trying to stop them.
    • Define micspam.
      My definition of mic-spam is complicated. It comes in a variety of forms and scenarios. It could be when a player starts to irritate several people on the server using their mic (which includes blasting, spamming, and unpleasant noises in general), or when a non-english speaker is on the mic.
    • How would you deal with players who micspam?
      Again. I give them a warning, and if they listen, I forgive. If they do not, I mute them for 30 minutes. I believe 30 minutes to be an adequate amount since it is just right. Non-English speakers are also a common case. If there is an English speaker who speaks that language on the server, I will ask him to request the offender to stop talking in non-English. If the offender does not comply, I will mute him/her for 30 minutes.
    • Another council member is abusing their powers. What will you do?
      This, in my opinion, can be done without admin privileges. I advise them to stop, and if they do not, I tell Pann. If they do stop, I either let it slide or tell Pann (but advocate for him since he/she stopped). However, repeated abuse should be notified since a staff member should not abuse in the first place. This is important since It is important to know what you're doing wrong. If you don't know what you're doing wrong in the first place, you're likely to do it again.
    • A regular user threatens to ban another player if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
      First of all, impersonating admins is clearly not allowed. Making up rules that do not exist isn't allowed either. Since this is a severe case, I will warn the offender ONLY ONE TIME saying that impersonating admins is not allowed and that rule (or rules) does not exist. If they do not comply, I kick them. I've seen this happen a lot in sandbox when people get interrupted by other people while playing with others. Not that I don't have sympathy, rules are rules. And rules are there to be followed. They are obligatory.
    • How do you deal with a player who comments publicly about you negatively, the server sucks, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
      Okay. Commenting about me negatively in public is okay, since I don't give a s**t. However, insulting the server, insulting players, and Screaming on the mic is not allowed. This will result in one warning and a penalty, since this is a serious case.
    • A player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
      What? Players can't just go around giving godmode to everyone! So, I will merely explain to the public that the offender cannot give godmode since he isn't an admin. If the offender claims that he/she is an admin, then it falls under the category of admin impersonation (Serious offense). I will give the offender 1 warning, and teach everyone that in order to become admin one must apply. That way, I can advertise/promote at the same time. :)
    • How do you define administrator/moderator abuse?
      Admin abuse is when an administrator/moderator defies the rules, or use their privileges to gain unfair/unjust advantages. In other words, that's me from the past. I'm confident I won't do it again.
    • Define troll.
      Troll is a negative comment which makes people feel bad or offended. It offends the other players.
    • Here is another meaning of troll.....(lenny)
    • How will you take responsibility if you are found guilty of abusing your powers?
      This won't, or can't happen again. I don't want myself to do what I did from the past. That's the whole reason why I'm applying again! In this case, I'll resign and accept what goes with it.
    • How confident are you in getting this application accepted?
      I'd like to say that I'm confident. Some things should be stored in the past, and people shouldn't get swayed by them. That's the rule I kept in mind as I wrote this application.
    • How would you feel if this application was rejected?
      Of course, there's the possibility of getting rejected. If that happened, I would feel bad, and look for what I was missing. I would also apply again after I feel ready (At least after 2 months, as law states).
    • How will you react if you lost your position over a reason that cannot be told to you?
      If this is the case, I would like to know why that happened. I wouldn't be mad, I would just be curious and sad.
    • Would you be proud to wear "titan. tf" in your name? Why or why not?
      I am proud to wear "Titan. tf" at the end of my name, since it is the server I am moderating for. Titan sure means a lot for me since I spent 1 year playing on it and made multiple friends. Therefore, I would be proud.
    • You are being suspected of abusing your powers but you did not. What do you do?
    • I will question them saying what I did wrong. If I feel that it is unjust, I will explain to the person who suspects me about what I did in specific detail, and answer all questions in the process.

    Section G: Miscellaneous
    • Will you be contributing to creating ideas for future events?
      Of course. Titan is a developing community, and it has various possibilities. I would love to keep it flowing with ideas.
    • List the programming languages you have experience in.
    • A little bit of Javascript. Other than that, none. I'm an enthusiastic learner when it comes to technology, feel free to teach me if you want.
    Again, with great power, comes great responsibility. --Muselk

    I verify that all that I said is true, and I will keep true to my words.

    Thank you.


  2. ☭ Jun ☭

    ☭ Jun ☭ Protoss Dark Templar Prelate Staff Member Server Admin

    You apparently can't post links of your profiles. Weird.

    For my id, just type /id/jun01px2021 at the end. For my alt's id, type /profiles/76561198335714296 at the end.
  3. Cecil™

    Cecil™ Irresponsible Idiot

    My fucking eyes when I read all of this, you should have highlight the question, not the fucking answer. Give it some spacing too.

    I'll give this an Ok/Yes, since I'm not a staff.
    I don't have any words rn because staying up late is very fucking drowsy, I caught a slight headache rn too.
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  4. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    It seems like you've learned from your past and you're really ready to change. You keep talking about how regretful you are, and after getting to know you I must say that I believe you.

    I'm going to approve your application because you seem to care about the community, genuinely, which is more than you can say about the rest. I believe you'd make a great admin some day if you're given enough time, because judging from your answers to certain questions it looks like you know how things should work.

    However, continued abuse will result in a permanent ban from the community.
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