Machine Attacks Remastered: Premium Upgrades (Updated: 6/2/17)

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    Premium Upgrades are overpowered upgrades available at the upgrades station in Machine Attacks, mvm_5gorge and _XMA maps.

    For those of you who want to access the premium upgrades, there is currently no automatic way to install the ui so you have to do it manually.

    Follow the instructions below and you won't go wrong.

    EDIT 6/2: Updated links.

    EDIT 3/2: Updated links and files to use .rar instead of .zip.

    EDIT 28/12: If the links do not work, copy the url without the steam filter and load the url on a new tab instead.

    EDIT 4/12: In order to use the premium upgrades on non-remastered maps, you need the old premium upgrades HUD. (download here)

    1. Download titan_ma_pu.rar from here. This rar contains Machine Attacks Remastered Premium Upgrades HUD and 5gorge map's Premium Upgrade HUD.
    2. Extract the files from the rar using WinRar or any other unzipping programs.

    Finding your TF Directory
    1. Go to your Steam Client Library.
    2. Right click on Team Fortress 2.
    3. In the drop down menu, click Properties.
    4. Head to the Local Files tab.
    5. Click Browser Local Files.

    1. Drag and move the tf folder that you have downloaded onto a blank space in the window where you do not select any other folders (NOT INTO THE TF FOLDER).
    2. Restart or Start Team Fortress 2.