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  1. PrOto

    PrOto Member

    (Reposted because original thread was glitched out and deleted)
    Hello again.

    This is my second application (and maybe last?) for Titan.TF. I appreciate any feedback.

    Section A: General Information

      • Do you fulfill all the requirements listed?
        Yes, I do.

      • Maturity: Yes, I am mature. I might get a little bit salty sometimes, but I would just cool down.
      • You must not be marked on SteamRep: Not any of those at all.
      • You must have at least 800 hours in Team Fortress 2: 1024 hours on record as of writing this. Although it may show less on the steam website.
      • You must have at least 100 hours of overall playtime on TitanTF: 307 hours on Titan.TF as of writing this. Proof:
      • You must not be currently banned on the TitanTF network: Not banned.

      • How old are you?
        11 (Don't expect me to screech on the mic every time i get killed, I'm not that kind of kid.)
      • Which position do you wish to apply for?
        Well uhh... Administrator? I know I'll get to Moderator first though.
      • Which servers do you frequent? Freak Fortress 2 X10 / Deathrun / Zombie Survival

      • Do you have any affiliation with any of the current council members? Currently friends with Forefront, Rifki and Brad. Was formerly friends with Explote.
      • List any other Steam accounts that you have access to. I do not own an alternate account.
      • Do you change names on steam often? Why or why not?
        I often change my aliases. The interval is around 1-3 months.
      • Are you clear with all of our rules and regulations?
        I was unclear whether you are allowed to +1 on a staff application or not, but now I have improved and I am clear of all the rules now.
      • Do you know what is expected from you? Yes, I do. I will do my best.

    Section B: Geographic Information

      • Where are you born in? (country)
      • Where are you currently living at? (country)
      • Which server region do you have less than 70 ping in? Asia (68-90 ping)

    Section C: Speech

      • Do you have a working microphone?
        Yes, I do.
      • List the languages you can speak and write fluently in.
        Vietnamese, English
      • Rate your English from 1 to 10. I would rate an 8.

    Section D: Experience

      • Do you have any previous experience as an administrator or moderator in? I was previously administrator on a ROBLOX group. Due to the current situation of the ROBLOX community, I resigned.
      • Do you have previous experience administrating using SourceMod?
        No. I know SourceMod though.
      • Are you familiar with administrator commands?
      • Do you have experience with coding in SourceMod/SourcePawn?
        Nah, I'm not that type of programmer guy.
      • How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID?
        sm_ban "#[U:1:355799505]" 1337 "haxor!!11"
      • How have you supported the community so far? I have supported the community by donating, finding some bugs there and there, and making suggestions. That's all.

    Section E: Duties

      • When can you play on weekdays?
        Weekdays 5:25 PM - 9:10 PM Indochina Time +7
      • When can you play on weekends? Weekends 8:00 AM - 8:50 PM Indochina Time +7
      • Why would you like to be part of the council and why should you be one?
        I would like to be part of the council because the servers I play on are highly unmoderated (especially Zombie Survival) so I would like to give the current members a helping hand by moderating unmoderated servers and responding to IRC calls.
      • How can you contribute to improve Titan.TF?
        I can make battle cries and medic calls using Audacity. A FF2 Boss of mine is coming up too.
      • Describe how you will carry out your duties. This can include how you decide on a punishment, etc.
        I carry out duties actively and responsibly. When someone calls for staff on the IRC, I will go there and ask them what is the problem. If the problem is correct, I will solve the problem immediately, no warnings. (Though I give one for users that are level 1-5, alts are not included). I will also go "patrol" servers that players have reported to flood with rulebreakers like the MVM servers and the less populous Western servers.
      • Will you be active (and administrate) on the forums and why
      • Yes, I will check the Steam Group twice a day, and the forums once a day considering that it's still a new site and there are barely over 50 members.

    Section F: Personality

      • Would you be the first to respond to a player report (non-forum)? In other words, known as an "admin call"?
        Yes, I would be the first to respond (or second when I'm busy playing)
      • Describe a time when you lost control of your emotions and how you were able to cope with the situation (it does not have to be from games)
        I never lost control of my emotions. I never felt depressed. I'm an optimist.
      • List a few strengths and weaknesses based on your personality.
        My strengths are that I can deal with people quickly and silently, when my weaknesses are that I'm easily triggered (considering my age). But like I told at first place, I will just cool down after being triggered.
      • How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
        Since racism is against the rules, I would immediately gag the offender (warn if the offender is new).
      • A group of players are offended by remarks that another player made, but you yourself do not find them to be offensive. How would you respond?
        If it is religious remarks, I tell them to not discuss about it because it can potentially produce a very, I mean very large flame war. If it is community remarks, I try to let the peoples decide, and if that triggers a flame war I will give each of them a 10-minute gag to cool down the feud.
      • Define micspam.
        Micspamming refers to the act of continuously making noises, playing music or talking into a microphone via voice chat system in a multiplayer online game. Because it can pose distraction to others players, this practice is generally viewed as obnoxious or spamming by other players and often performed solely for the entertainment of the spammer.
      • How would you deal with players who micspam?
        As said, for new players I would give them a warning. If they do it again, I will issue a 30-minute mute for minor offenses, and a 1-day mute for serious offenses. I skip the warnings straight away if the offender is not new to Titan.TF.
      • Another council member is abusing their powers. What will you do?
        I would report them in the Player Report section of the Steam Group.
      • A regular user threatens to ban another player if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
        I tell the offender that admin impersonation is against the rules. If the offender does not listen, I will silence the offender for 1 hour for admin impersonation.
      • How do you deal with a player who comments publicly about you negatively, the server sucks, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
        In this case, the offender has broke 2 rules: Harassment and Micspamming. I will give him a 30-minute silence (A silence is a gag combined with a mute) to cool down the feud.
      • A player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
        In this case, the offender is attempting to item scam so I will ban the offender for 30 minutes. No warnings.
      • How do you define administrator/moderator abuse?
        I define administrator/moderator abuse as excessive use of "fun" commands like Godmode, Noclip, Always crit. Also includes repeatedly slaying players for no reason, and kicking/banning without a reason.
      • Define troll.
        Trolling (or tryharding as known in TF2) is constantly trying to piss people off on the Internet and in-game. TF2 examples are: Repeatedly killing off friendly parties, W+M1, repeatedly taunt after killing a dominated enemy, and much more. Be wary though as just throwing a "fuck you" is not considered trolling.
      • How will you take responsibility if you are found guilty of abusing your powers?
        If the reason is valid and there is sufficient evidence, I accept that I myself has abused and I deserve to be demoted from my position. If the reason is invalid and there is no sufficient evidence, I will have a nice conversation with the player that reported me either on Steam chat or on the Titan.TF steam group to gather evidence.
      • How confident are you in getting this application accepted?
        Not too confident considering that I have been rejected before, but if I get accepted I sure will do my best.
      • How would you feel if this application was rejected?
        I would be "meh" and move on with life, considering that TF2 is just a game, and it will still be there no matter how long you've gone.
      • How will you react if you lost your position over a reason that cannot be told to you?
        Same answer as above
      • Would you be proud to wear "" in your name? Why or why not?
        I don't care about the XP Bonus, so no, sorry :(
      • You are being suspected of abusing your powers but you did not. What do you do?
      • As previously said I would have a nice conversation with the person that's suspecting me of abuse, either on steam chat or the steam group to gather evidence.

    Section G: Miscellaneous

      • Will you be contributing to creating ideas for future events?
        Yes, I will.
      • List the programming languages you have experience in. Nah, I'm not a kind of programmer guy, but I know a bit of Lua.
    (Edit: Changed my custom profile link due to me having a small issue with Cecil)

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  2. Koro-Sensei

    Koro-Sensei (Probably) Human Server Admin

    I think you could be a great part of the staff team. But the other staff won't really think so.
    You seems to know alot about how to deal with rulebreakers. And a friendly guy.

  3. Danct12

    Danct12 New Member

    sm_ban "#[U:1:355799505]" 1337 "haxor!!11"

    That's now how you ban a someone LOL

    Overall, the application is polished and easy to read, however the text is kinda big hehehe. I guess you can be a good moderator.

  4. Gyrfalcon/7

    Gyrfalcon/7 New Member

    App's formatting doesn't feel right. Font's too big BUUUTT he answered the question so it's fine. Other than that the application is pretty straightforward to do so I'll just put my comments here.

    I think Bee's a pretty straightforward person. He doesn't have a sweet spot for anyone (which is good), and although he isn't that mature, I believe he could do the tasks that moderators need to do.

    +1 i guess
  5. PrOto

    PrOto Member

    Yeah, as said on the beginning I lost the original post and I had to re-format it so it doesn't look that perfect.
  6. Turf War 3.0 |

    Turf War 3.0 | Server Admin Server Admin

    I wouldn't mind giving you a
    seeing how we are trying to hire people quicker nowadays.
    But in seriousness, administration is not just about holding more power over others in order to 'keep law and order', but also to help assist in certain areas of the game servers and mechanics in my opinion.

    There's a lot of stuff going on around even when normal people like you and me are sleeping at night. Having to see myst still toiling through the night just to give players a better environment to play TF2 by having to push multiple updates almost every single day. You could say that there are other people that are helping him to lessen the workload, e.g. Brad, but I still have to insist that we do not have much helpers to maintain the servers almost every now and then. Right now, it's just myst working 24/7. Even myself i couldn't do much to help him, seeing how TF2 basically runs on JSON, quite contrary to my skills in C#.

    I am not telling you to pickup some programming skills right now so that you can really contribute to the community, but it would be great if such skills can be used on needed areas to work on.

    But still, since you can contribute on the welfare side of the community, i don't see why not to give you a +1.
  7. PrOto

    PrOto Member

    Schedule update:

    Weekends 11:20 AM to 9:00 PM
    Weekdays 6:00 PM to 9:10 PM
  8. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero Server Admin Server Admin

    A much better application than the first one.
  9. Tapeless Leeroy

    Tapeless Leeroy [confuse cat noise] Server Admin

    [Officer Leeroy's Application Preview] Beta 1
    • Presentation - [Passed]
    • Jusification - [Passed]
    • Improvisation - [Passed]
    • Precondition - [Passed]
    • Encouragement - [Tolerable]
    • Qualification - [Tolerable]
    I will approve this application [+1] Good job and good luck![​IMG]

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  10. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    Application approved.

    The applicant has accepted the invitation to the council.
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