Rejected SageScout's Council Application again

Discussion in 'Archive' started by SageScout, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. SageScout

    SageScout New Member

    Hello again! im back again after being rejected since November 2017
    Anyways, i think im ready for this summer

    Section A
    • Do you fullfill all the requirements listed?
    - Yes

    • How old are you?
    - 15 (16 in this April)

    • What is your steam profile link?

    •What is your Discord name and user id (the number after #)?
    - SageScout #2326

    • Are you active in our Discord server? If not, do you plan to be if you get accepted?
    - Yes, most of the times, im always active

    • Which position do you wish to apply for?
    - Moderator

    • Do you consider yourself to be close to any of the other council members? If yes, who?
    - Rifki (Next Black)

    • List any other Steam accounts that you have access to currently.
    - None

    • Which Servers do you frequent?
    -Most of the times Slender Fortress 2, sometimes Sandbox and Jailbreak, and rarely other servers

    • Do you change names on steam often? Why or why not?
    - Rarely, since i've been using this name back in 2015, so i'll just stick to SageScout

    • Are you aware of all rules and regulations?
    - Yes

    • Do you know what is expected from you?
    - As a first time being moderator, i'll try to make TitanTF Community to be friendly and fun for everyone and prevent someone like kids with a poor mic ruining people's experience

    Section B
    • Where are you born in? (country)
    - Philippines

    • Where are you currently living at? (country)
    - Philippines

    • Which server region do you have less than 70 ping in?
    - Asia (with few lag spikes sometimes)

    Section C
    Do you have a working microphone?
    - Yes since i bought a new one back in February 2018

    • List the languages you can speak and write fluently in.
    -Tagalog and English

    • Rate your English from 1 to 10
    - Let's just say its 8/10

    Section D
    Do you have any previous experience as an administrator or moderator in?
    - Nope, this is my first time

    • Are you familiar with administrator commands?
    - Few commands like /slay, /kick, and /ban

    • Do you have any experience with coding in SourceMod/SourcePawn
    - Nope

    • How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID
    - sm_ban "[U:1:227474858]" 60 "Griefing"

    • How have you supported the community so far?
    - Reported some sort of Buggy/Spaghetti Code in TF:GO Server and calling an Administrator when there 6 kids in a mic in x1000 Highertower Server that time

    Section E
    When can you play on weekdays?
    - Well since school is finally over, this would be the schedule for my Summer Break
    Everyday 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00 AM - 2:45 PM and 6:00 PM - 11:45 PM (sometimes 12:15 AM)
    - For School Weekdays, it really depends if i have no schoolwork to do (School will start in June 2018)

    Monday to Thursday - 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
    Friday - 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 11:45 PM

    • When can you play on weekends?
    -For Summer Schedule
    Saturday - 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00 PM - 2:45 PM and 6:00 PM - 11:45 PM (Sometimes 12:15 AM)
    Sunday - 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00 PM - 2:45 PM and 6:00 PM - 11:45 PM (10:30 PM for School)

    • Why would you like to be part of the council and why should you be one?
    - I would like to contribute to and why should i be one? sometimes people mistaken me as an Admin, which i always wanted to be, as if they really want to make Slender more fun with admins playing on it, and also i would help out other administrators of TitanTF

    • How can you contribute to improve Titan.TF?
    - by making TitanTF a Friendly and Fun server

    • Describe how you will carry out your duties
    - By following the guidelines and rules of the server and punish those people who keep breaking the rules

    • Will you be active (and administrate) on the forums and why?
    - I will somtimes, IF there are new things that interests me

    Section F
    • Would you be the first to respond to a player report (non-forum)? In other words, known as an "admin call"?
    - Ill try my best to respond first unless, im busy

    • Describe a time when you lost control of your emotions and how you were able to cope with the situation (it does not have to be from games)
    - When i was trying to sleep in my class in Free Time since im not getting enough sleep due to homeworks and projects, my classmates are so unnecessarily loud like they're apes calling each other, i tried to ignore it many times but it failed me to do so causing me to go berserk to my classmates, being the scariest person in the classroom in that time and after going berserk, i'll just draw something in my paper to calm me down.

    • List a few strengths and weaknesses based on your personality.
    -Strengths: Positive and Chill Minded when it comes to playing video games
    -Weaknesses: Anything that irritates me IRL like unnecessary loud noises and taking personal jokes too seriously

    •How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
    - i would warn him and give 3 warnings if he keeps saying racist words and failing to do so, will result in a kick

    •A group of players are offended by remarks that another player made, but you yourself do not find them to be offensive. How would you respond?
    - Ill respond with a positive attitude and address the problem he's making, failing to do will result a punishment

    •Define micspam.
    - a person who unnecessarily makes loud noises to ruin people's experience by being a troll

    •How would you deal with players who micspam?
    -2 Warnings and if he failed to follow my warnings, will result a mute

    •Another council member is abusing their powers. What will you do?
    - I'll confront him and i'll inform other administrators about this issue

    •A regular user threatens to ban another player if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
    - I'll ask him to read the rules again before he tries to do actually stupid, if he didn't, i'll just say that rule doesn't exist.

    •How do you deal with a player who comments publicly about you negatively, the server sucks, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
    -I would ignore at first unless its racist and i'll ask him politely to stop saying those words about me, the server or anyone he kills, if he doesn't stop, i'll just have to mute him (if the person has a mic)

    •A player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?', 'A player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
    - I will kick him immediately and prevent anyone being scammed

    •How do you define administrator/moderator abuse?
    -Slaying a person with no reason, Kicks someone who kills him, and so the list goes on..

    •Define troll.
    -Mostly they will try to ruin your fun and experience for playing the game

    •How will you take responsibility if you are found guilty of abusing your powers?
    -Take the punishment without creating more trouble for other administrators

    •How confident are you in getting this application accepted?
    -I don't even know how confident i am when applying again for the 2nd time

    •How would you feel if this application was rejected?
    -Better try again next time and learn from my mistakes

    •How will you react if you lost your position over a reason that cannot be told to you?

    •Would you be proud to wear "" in your name? Why or why not?
    - Sometimes yes, because the EXP boost is really nice and not only because of that reason, TitanTF became a homeland to me since its the only server with custom gamemodes especially Slender

    You are being suspected of abusing your powers but you did not. What do you do?
    -I would talk to that person who's been suspecting me and ill try to talk him with right reasons i have in my mouth

    Section G
    Will you be contributing to creating ideas for future events?
    - If i had a good idea, then i will

    List the programming languages you have experience in.

    and that's that.

  2. Corades

    Corades New Member

    That's an example of admin abuse
  3. Silent Doc

    Silent Doc Member

    Yes, What point are you trying to make?
  4. Corades

    Corades New Member

    Just saying
  5. x3Karma

    x3Karma has no life Server Admin

    Not sure if you two noticed, but you're to comment on an app to vote for it and explain why you decide on your vote. Don't try to sound like a smartass here @Silent Doc.


    To start off, I didn't comment on your application in 2017 as I was just recently appointed as a staff member back then and I didn't feel like I had the authority to quickly judge others.

    Now that I have gain more experience in the matter, the following will be my opinion and vote on your application.



    I hope that you remember the reason as to why you were rejected by @SomePanns last time. While you may be active in-game, we also need staffs to be active outside of the server. Please do actively take part in Discord conversations to prove to us that you are not inactive.

    The application is also well-formatted and easier to read than the last application you've made. (Although there are some irregular font sizes which I blame Xenforo for making it hard to edit.)


    Judging from that answer, you are thinking of being an admin not only because of your own wish but because of other players viewing you as an admin? There's really not much sense that admins are able to make Slender fun (unless switching bosses) as they are just normal players themselves too. You can already have a good time and fun with people just by interacting with one another.

    And how exactly do you do that? That's whats the question was asking.

    So you'll only check and monitor the forums if there are interesting things? Like? This is also a bad answer, it's like saying you'll only play on TF2 if there are new updates that interests you, sometimes.

    Seems like you forgot to continue your sentence there.

    This falls under staff impersonation. If you let people off like that they will most likely keep doing it until their behavior is kept in checked.


    I read all of the answers and I feel that while a lot were better than the previous application, others are just worse now. I'm not going to list them all out one by one (unless you want me to), as that will take a lot of time during the moment that I am writing this comment.

    I would reject this application due to the fact that I didn't like the answers you've given for some of the questions, however you were very dedicated to the task of being a staff member by applying for a second time. (Though you could've been more confident about your app)

    My vote will be:

    +1 (with conditions)

    My conditions are that you:
    - Be active in Discord.
    - Try playing on other servers for a change.

    I gave you my yes due to the fact that all jobs require time and patience in order for experience to form. I didn't just choose to become an administrator with full understanding of the risks and rewards it have without spending my time as a moderator.

    As you might have known, moderator is just the trial process and is a really important part in the staff team for you to learn and grow in order for you to fully become a server administrator.

    I wish you good luck in your application.
  6. SageScout

    SageScout New Member

    Thanks and Sorry for the stupid answers i made since i was doing something personal in my PC..
    I'll do my best to meet your conditions
  7. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    How are we to believe that you take this seriously if you don't even put your full attention into it?
  8. SageScout

    SageScout New Member

    Because you haven't seen me taking things so serious..
  9. SomePanns

    SomePanns Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator Forum Manager

    What makes you believe that the admin app doesn't need your full attention? It's an important role your applying for in this community, we're not going to hand it over just because you think it's fun.

    I'm going to close this application and give you a new chance, right now, to write a new one. Please put all of your attention into it, proof read it 10 times and make sure you actually have answered the questions correctly and fully.

    You either take this seriously or you need to stop wasting our time.
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