Resolved Team Ban Appeal [JB]

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by [=Neko=], Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. [=Neko=]

    [=Neko=] New Member

    Why i Get banned: well i don't really know why i get banned
    but maybe i do Something Wrong when im Being Warden
    and all i remember is i forgot to Repeat and i killed the people who din't follow the order
    after i realise i forgot to repeat i kill my self and Theres an admin named spooks say "Neko Enough" (i don't really sure if he say like that cuz i only remember it a little well) and after it i scared and say something i forgot what is it and after it i leave because im scared (and more) and i go back after a few day i got team ban

    Please Team unban me i promise i will not do that again i read the Rules 2x time again
    and i have Mic (Pls :D)

    And Sorry for my bad english or grammar btw i really Happy if you unban me but if you din't its okay i will not
    mad im just gonna chill and just gonna play as prisoner [but that make me bored :worried: but its still ok :) ]:koro_sad:[My First Ban appeal, im scared...]
  2. [=Neko=]

    [=Neko=] New Member

    ... i hope i get team unban and pls don't say scary to me
  3. Koro-Sensei

    Koro-Sensei (Probably) Human Server Admin

    I have warned you multiple times already. But I will unteamban you if I find you in the server.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.