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    Welcome to the workshop, the place where content is produced, engineered, and shipped. Vote for your favorite items and upload your creations while following our content posting guidelines.
    We have been using the Fix Titan.TF platform for a really long time now and we enjoyed using it to track bugs and suggestions. We are now doing the same for the workshop. The workshop runs on the same interface and user experience as what Fix Titan.TF had offered, with some slight variations.

    Every item category has a template you can easily follow through for your submission. We look forward to what you create.

    Fix Titan.TF is also getting a facelift to the home page!
    And.. we now support login through your Steam account on both platforms! You no longer need a password tied to the platform.

    Our full content pack can now be obtained from our Titan DLC repository on GitHub apart from our content distributor! We have included complete instructions on how to install it in the repository. However, we still recommend downloading through the distributor as it is the easiest way to get everything downloaded and setup in 1 click.
    Ultimate DLC Pack
    If you would like to download all the maps and custom content we host across all of our gamemodes, you can find them in our Ultimate DLC Content Pack!

    This includes our Attack on Teufort DLC!

    Behind Titan
    Curious what goes behind the development of Titan? We give insights behind how everything is engineered and maintained at Titan through our new blog platform[].

    Read the announcement on Steam.